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Why neck and shoulder massage is important? neck and shoulder massage is important?

Do you know that aging actually starts from the neck and shoulder area, which is also the place that accumulates the most toxins? According to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), when a person’s „qi” (vital energy) is not circulating well, it affects the blood circulation, and hence the flow of water movement and as a result […]

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Treatments of Aesthetic Medicine / Botox / Diet

Treatments of Aesthetic Medicine / Botox / Diet

TREATMENTS using botulinum toxin Treatment is available in Private Medical Center in Manchester – Eccles (Private Surgery Eccles) Treatment with botulinum toxin is currently the safest and most effective method for eliminating wrinkles, and in addition one of the most popular aesthetic surgery in the world. Botulinum toxin is a drug used for more than […]

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Magnesium – health and diet – health and diet

Magnesium Fact Sheet Introduction Magnesium, an abundant mineral in the body, is naturally present in many foods, added to other food products, available as a dietary supplement, and present in some medicines (such as antacids and laxatives). Magnesium is a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme systems that regulate diverse biochemical reactions in the body, […]

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Lose weight the lab way!

Lose weight the lab way!

Diet soda helps weight loss, industry-funded study finds (CNN) — Most people choose artificially-sweetened soda over regular soda to avoid packing on extra pounds. But what if you already choose diet? Would it be helpful to quit that too? Dr. Jim Hill says he gets this question all the time from patients in his weight […]

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Nutrition, Foot Care and Chiropody Centre at Peel Green, Foot Care and Chiropody Centre at Peel Green

Our newly build Peel Green Chiropody and Podiatry Centre at Private Doctors Clinic Manchester in Eccles is open 6 days a week Monday to Friday and on Sunday. We are based at 486 Liverpool Road, Eccles, Manchester, M30 7HZ Our current list of services include: Foot Care and Chiropody Ingrowing Toe Nail Surgery Podiatry and […]